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Bruce Chapman

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Bruce Chapman

Bruce Chapman is an intelligent design theorist and the current president of the Discovery Institute in Seattle WA.

He has extensive experience in both political and public fields. He was born in Evansville, Illinois in 1934 and graduated from Harvard University in 1962. Upon graduating, he spent the next few years writing for the New York Herald Tribune as an editorial writer. The majority of his political experience came upon moving to Seattle in 1966. He originally moved to Seattle to write his book The Wrong Man in Uniform. This piece of writing argued against conscription and was one of the earliest works calling for a voluntary military.[1]

Chapman became a member of the Republican party and was elected to Seattle City Council in 1971. After being appointed to Secretary of State in Washington, he unsucessfully ran for governor in 1980. He then served as the director of the US Census Bureau from 1983 to 1985. After this he was appointed Deputy assistant to President Reagan and Director of White House Planning and Evaluation. The height of his political career came when he was appointed to US ambassador in UN in Vienna. His areas of focus included nuclear proliferation, refugees, economic development, and narcotics control.[1]

Following this extensive political work, he began a career as a fellow in the thinktank Hudson Institute. He continued his work there up until he founded Discovery Institute in 1990, where he works today.[1]

Bruce Chapman
Discovery Institute
208 Columbia Street
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone (206)-292-0401 Ext.101






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