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Brown bear

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Brown Bear
Brown Bear.jpg
Scientific Classification

The brown bear is the largest and heaviest bear in the world. It's body size is 1.9 ~ 2.8m, tail size is 7 ~ 8cm, and size of back legs are 19 ~ 20cm. The Average weight of bear is 150 ~ 250kg, and some are over 450kg. Its shoulder is the higher than its back. The baby brown bear have white scar when they are young. Brown bear's each feet has five curved claws and the back side of the feet has a little fur inside. The brown bear hibernates in the winter same as other bears. In the brown bears mating season, the brown bear usually become more vicious and more violence than none mating season. Sometime they attack the people to get the foods. They can run faster than human. [1]


Brown bear teeth.
  • Size : BROWN BEARS Males 40% to 50% larger
  • Weight : Brown Bear's average weights: 725pounds, range-500-900pounds, Heaviest: 2,500+pounds
  • Height : Brown Bear's height 3-5 ft.
  • Length : 7-10 ft.
  • Color  : To the brown bear, color changes are not uncommon.
  • Skulls : high forehead, flat nose tip
  • Teeth : Molars are flat and broad
  • Paws : Claws are curved, forpaws are shorter than hind paws
  • Vision : The brown bear's ability to distinguish the color is excellent indicators of good vision
  • Hearing : Hearing systems in the brown bears is probably good.
  • Smell : Smelling sense of the brown bear's keenest.
  • Strength : keeping with bear's size; one hand action can be weighed 120 pounds.
  • Body Temperature : Ninety-eight to ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heart Rate : Ninety-eight beats per minute
  • Respiration : Six to ten breaths per minute [2]


Brown bear claw.

The brown bear's reproduction season is May through July. In this season, the male brown bear usually become more sensitive and more vicious than none mating season; the brown bear fight with the other male brown bear to get the mate female brown bear. The female brown bear's pregnancy period is 195 ~ 225 days, and their hibernate is starts in the onset of winter. When they are hibernating, the female bear give birth to 1~2 baby bears. The baby bears eat the mother bear's milk for four month. The brown bear's hibernate place is usually cave in a mountain[3].


Distribution of brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Usually the brown bear live in Alaska, North of China, Korea, Japan, Europe, east through the Yukon, British Columbia, and Siberia. The brown bear lives in a one place like a cave in the mountain[4]. They are omnivorous so that the brown bear eat root of plant, seed of fruit, blue berry, insects, ants, salmon; sometimes they attacking a domestic animal. The brown bear's biggest ecology problem is that they don't have enough place to stay because of the land development; this problem make the brown bear to attack the people who lives near by brown bears habitat[5].

Uses of bear gall

In Asia, the bear galls is used as a good medicine. So in China, they raise the bears to get their juice of gizzards. The bear's gall is good medicine for acute pneumonia, a fever for patient who has cold, anthelmintic, and even curing medicine for cancer patient!. The bear gall is known as restorative; there are many history about uses of bear gall as restorative. In old Asia histroy the bears are known as an symbol of a powerful person and the king, and they believed that if they eat the bear gizzard they can get the power of king; historian guess that this is the reason why they started eat the bears gizzards for their medicine [6]


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