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Brad Harrub

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Brad Harrub Ph.D. is the Executive Director and co-founder of Focus Press plus a speaker and author of topics such as young earth creationism, Biblical truths, and ethics. He serves as the co-editor of Think magazine, a monthly magazine on Christian evidences, in addition to being a co-host on the television show “Think About It.” Dr. Harrub is a popular speaker on Christian evidences at lectureships and youth rallies in over 47 states and five different continents. Conducting over 40 “Truth About Origins” weekend seminars each year, he was an invited speaker to the International Conference on Creationism, and he has appeared on the television show “Origins.” As well, he was listed in the 2001-2002 edition of Who's Who Among Scientists and Researchers. Dr. Harrub also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver

Originally from Franklin, Tennessee, Brad Harrub holds an earned B.S. degree in biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College, and an earned doctorate degree in anatomy and neurobiology from the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

He and his wife Melinda, attend the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Franklin, Tennessee. They have four children: Will, Reese, Claire, and Luke.

Brad Harrub
1600 Westgate Circle, Suite 125
Brentwood, TN 37027
Office number 615.324.5870
Fax number 615.724.3689

His materials

Dr. Harrub has authored or co-authored numerous scientific publications in science journals, written numerous books, and countless articles on both Biblical and science topics.


  • Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Nuggets of Truth from God’s Word (With Burt Jones)
  • Dissecting the Truth
  • Engage: Rethinking How We Walk Down The Aisle (With Rob L. Whitacre)
  • Heart of the Matter: Letters to My Children
  • Investigating Christian Evidences (With Bert Thompson)
  • Matters of Life and Death (With Bert Thompson)
  • The Alex series (With Will & Reese Harrub)
  • The Truth About Human Origins (With Bert Thompson)


  • Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity
  • Engage: Rethinking How We Walk Down The Aisle (With Rob L. Whitacre)
  • Faith For Life: 7 Reasons We're Losing Our Children and How to Save Them
  • In The Footsteps of Darwin
  • Islam: Behind the Veil
  • One Nation Under...Who?
  • Parenthood Unplanned
  • The Ethics series
  • The Value Of Human Life
  • Truth Trumps Tolerance: A Scientific and Biblical Examination of Homosexuality
  • Why- How Can a Loving God Allow Evil, Pain and Suffering

Audio CD

  • Convicted - Audio Series
  • Fixing the Problem of the American Family
  • Homosexuality: Is there really a gay gene?
  • Islam: Behind the Veil Audio
  • Medical Ethics: Has the value of life changed?
  • Raising the Heat on Global Warming
  • The Church's Response to Mental Illness
  • Why Believe?