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Scientific Classification

The Brachiosaurids belong to a group of dinosaurs called Sauropods meaning reptile-footed. The Sauropods walked on four legs (quadrupedal) and were plant eaters (herbivores) They are further characterized by having very long necks and tails.

Most dinosaurs' forelegs are shorter than hind legs, but Brachiosaurids' forelegs are longer than hind legs, so the bodies slant to the back side. They had long muzzle and long, slender fingers. Their nostrils are placed on the top of their heads. Brachiosaurid was one of the biggest dinosaurs. They considered the longest dinosaurs. The weight was about 80t and the length was 25m. In addition, using their long necks, they could eat leaves of treetops. However, unlike other herbivorous dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus bit leaves from trees and then chewed. Sometimes, they could stand up by their strong hind legs to reach to the leaves of treetops.

The largest mounted skeleton in the world. A Brachiosaurid; the Giraffatitan at the Humboldt Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Brachiosaurids fossils show that they existed in Europe and North America. Brachiosaurids are identified as living in the geologic ages known as the Cretaceous period and late Jurassic Period.

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