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Bill Hoesch

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Bill Hoesch

Bill Hoesch is a creation scientist currently on staff as a Research Geologist, field tour guide, and speaker for the Institute for Creation Research. He received a bachelors degree in Geology from the University of Colorado and a Masters degree from the ICR Graduate School.[1]

He was formerly employed in petroleum exploration and did graduate research for Aminoil. When he studied for Masters of Science degree in geology from the ICR school, he also worked for C.H wood and associates, and then accepted a teaching position for one year at Jianghan Petroleum Institute in the People's Republic of China. He then took a position as Public Information Officer at ICR. Now as a Research Geologist for ICR, he functions as part of the RATE group, performing mineral isolation of rocks and field work in parts of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. [2]



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