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Biblical apologetics

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Biblical apologists primarily concern themselves with the following areas: authorship and date of biblical books, Biblical canon, historicity of the Bible, defense of Bible prophecy, and Biblical inerrancy.

Though the Bible places great stress upon faith and belief, and though it condemns deliberate skepticism and unbelief, The Bible does not speak against reason and investigation. The Bible encourages sincere use of reason and investigation as an aid to honest inquiry. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament furnish ample evidence of inquiry through reason and investigation. God Himself used reason and inquiry in numerous places to lead people into faith.

When God commanded Moses to go to Pharaoh, God gave two signs to Moses to verify that it was God who sent him. Whether Pharaoh believed or not is a different subject. God provided demonstrations that He was the true God. Gideon requested signs and God also granted both of Daniel’s requests. Hezekiah was given a choice of signs to confirm that the Lord had spoken. The experimental approach, where a decision is made on the basis of investigation, was exemplified when Daniel and his friends suggested to the steward in charge that the steward should "prove" (investigate and conclude) them for ten days.

Jesus and his biographers repeatedly stressed that the primary purpose of the miracles performed by Jesus were to demonstrate who He was, not merely to bring health to the world. Paul and others also stressed that the purpose of miracles in the New Testament were to attest that God was behind the miracles. Though Jesus chided "doubting Thomas" for his skepticism, He did not refuse to give proof. Rather, He invited Thomas and even other disciples to examine Him physically and conclude that He had risen.

The Bible has given ample evidence of the necessity and the importance of apologetics for Christians as well as non-Christians. Though the Bible condemns unbelief, the Bible encourages sincere inquiry in which apologetics plays an important role.

Biblical Archaeology

Main Article: Biblical archaeology

Biblical archaeology is an important creation science discipline that substantiates the Bible as a valid historical document, and the Biblical chronology as accurate time-line. Each year new discoveries are made, and creationists are encouraged to keep themselves informed of progress in this field.

Genealogical Record

Main Article: Biblical genealogy

The Bible contains a genealogical record from Adam to Jesus, and specifies the age of each man (from Adam to Jacob) in this lineage at the time he had his first son. Using this detailed Biblical chronology from the beginning of creation, Bible scholars have been able to calculate the age of the earth.

Chronological Record

Main Article: Biblical chronology

The Bible is remarkably detailed in its chronology, giving precise dates and years for many important events and Biblical genealogies, for the events spanning from the first day of Creation to the death of Abraham. The post-biblical chronology from Jesus to the present day is also easily available from European historical record.

Apologetics Topics

Related References

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Biblical Cannon:

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