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Berber people

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Flag of the Berber people.

The Berbers (Berber: Imazighen, "free men"; singular Amazigh) are a Caucasoid, predominantly Muslim ethnic group living in northern Africa, speaking an Afro-Asiatic language called Berber or Tamazight. Many Berbers are bilingual in Arabic.


The Berbers appear to have varied origins. They are believed to be primarily derived from Phut, the son of Ham but, appear to have some elements from Casluh and Caphtor, the sons of Mizraim. Additionally, the Kabyle Berbers appear to be descendants of Lydia's Ludim.

Physical Appearance

Physically, there is regional variation between and within Berber groups. Those who inhabit the northern Maghreb, Mediterranean, and most of the Atlas Mountains are typically light brown to pallid in complexion, with a high frequency of blond and red hair and green and blue eyes relative to the region as a whole. Those who live in and around the Sahara zone range from brown to very dark.

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