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Baraminology Study Group

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The Baraminology Study Group (BSG) is an affiliation of professionals in the biological and related sciences who are actively involved in research in creation biosystematics, which is known as baraminology. In short, baraminology is an effort to find scientific means to determine which forms of life are related, and which are not. Creationist biosystematics enables us to more clearly view and understand relationships that might not be visible from a naturalistic perspective. Most importantly, it provides another way for us to know the Creator.

Mission: the mission of the BSG is to develop and nurture a community of dedicated researchers committed to understanding the life sciences from a young-age creationist perspective through meetings and publications.[1]


The BSG sponsors and encourages participation in a variety of activities designed to achieve our overall mission, including:

  • Maintaining a website that acts as an information resource and outreach for the BSG.
  • Encouraging individual and corporate research projects, such as HybriDatabase.[2]
  • Publishing an online, peer-reviewed journal.[3]
  • Organizing periodic conferences.[4]

BSG Conference

The BSG summer conference will be held at Southern Seminary in Louisville Kentucky July 29-31, 2009. This conference will again occur jointly with the geology study group. The conference will be split into three parts and will include biology, geology and the species conference talks. Please consider submitting an abstract for the summer conference.[4]


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