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Australian green tree frog

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Australian green tree frog
Scientific Classification
Binomial name

Litoria caerulea

The Australian Green Tree Frog is know by several different names such as the White's Tree Frog, Dumpy Tree Frog, or as the Green Tree Frog in Australia. The Green Tree Frog is fairly big compared to the other frogs in Australia. It usually reaches up to 10 c.m. [1]


Australian green tree frog

The Australian green tree frog can reach up to 10 c.m. in length. Its color can range anywhere from green, brown, blue, and a sort of aqua color. The color of the Australian green tree frog is dependent on the temperature of the area its in. at the end of the frogs toes there are little circle like grip pads that help the frog keep its grip while hanging upside down or climbing trees.[2]


Australian green tree frogs usually lay eggs in larges groups. After about 3-4 weeks the eggs will begin to slowly sink to the bottom. Then the tadpoles or pollywogs will form. [3] Australian green tree frog usually breeds in the wet and rainy seasons it uses water tanks, swimming pools, semi-permanent swamps and drainage systems to prove its self with a supply of still water to lay its eggs in. [4]


Australian green tree frog

Australian green tree frogs can live almost anywhere. The only place they cannot live in is rainforests. They are able to adapt them self’s to area s that the live in. [5] Green Tree Frogs can be found in north Western Australia, Queensland, northern South Australia, Northern Territory, and northern New South Wales. [6] The diet of the Australian green tree frog may/can consists of spiders, crickets lizards, other frogs, and cockroaches. When in captivity it is also known to eat small mice, depending on the size of the frog. [7]

Australian green tree frogs as pets

These frogs are very popular as pets. They are very docile, calm, and have very long life expectancies, up to 16 years. These make excellent pets also because they are easy to care for and they will eat many different things. So the broad diet helps with it being such a popular pet. The one problem with these frogs is that when they are pets they tend to get over fed and end up dieing. The reason this is such a problem in captivity is because they tend to be hand fed so they don’t have to work for their food were as in the wild they need to exercise in order to get their food.[8]


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