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Astronomy and the Bible

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By Donald B. DeYoung
176 page paperback
ISBN 0-8010-6225-X
Pub Date: 2000

Astronomy and the Bible has become a trusted resource for parents and teachers. In this second edition, Donald DeYoung provides fully updated answers to 110 questions on astronomy and the universe.

As Dr. DeYoung explains, astronomy tells us much about God's vast creation and his daily care for us. This book answers many basic questions such as:

  • What causes the seasons?
  • Is the universe expanding?
  • How are star distances measured?
  • What was the Star of Bethlehem?

This book is divided into seven sections ranging from the earth and moon, the solar system, the stars, to general science and technical terms. A glossary is included to laymanize any hard-to-understand terms. This is an excellent enrichment tool for schools and homes alike. The answers are concise and easy to understand. They bring a fresh approach and much-needed balance to the preponderance of currently available material on astronomy. Donald B. DeYoung teaches physics and astronomy at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana.



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