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Association for Creation Truth

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Association for Creation Truth (ACT) is a ministry that focuses on Creation Theory by providing Korean Americans the correct scientific information. The ministry is a division of Korea Association for Creation Research(KACR), and was founded by Insik Choi in 1982. The ministry's head quarter is located in Norwalk, California, and they are registered as a non-profit organization by the United States Government. It is focused mainly for the Korean American people in the United States, and has multiple branches through out the United States. [1] ACT focuses its study in fighting the false information of the evolutionary theory that the current world is teaching with scientific facts and by providing God's word. [2]You could support the ministry by visiting its website or by sending a check to an address provided below.

Name::Association for Creation Truth
Address::10529 Leeds St.
 City::NorwalkCA Zip::90650
Country::United States of America
Phone: Phone::+1 (562)868-1697

Website: Web site::


What is ACT

ACT is a non-profit organization that spreads God's word by focusing on the Korean churches that are spread throughout the United States. It is a subdivision of KACR, that focuses on Korean Churches in Korea. [1] The organization believes that everything listed in the Bible is the truth provided by God. They focus on the information that God has provided and believes that it can all be proven scientifically. They want to fight the current world, which is stepping away from God by allowing same sex marriage, drugs, and violence. They believe that the world is focusing more on materialistic values than God's values, and Darwinism/Evolution is a result of such corruption. They state all the fake scientific proofs that the secular scientists are providing that are ruining the Christian values and they will do their best to prove what the real truth is. [2] ACT was founded by Insik Choi in 1982, and have expanded its wings since then. They now has multiple divisions (campuses) around the country, including ACT Southern division (1990), ACT Western division (1998), and ACT Mid Western division (1999). [1]

The Mission

ACT wants to provide the truth for Christians with the right information, so Christians can then provide the truth to others. For non-Christians, ACT wants to provide them with the right information so they can learn the truth and show that the Bible is the right tool to follow. For churches, the ACT wants to provide scientific truth and right information about Creation so they will be able to fight evolution. The secular world always attack words of God with the false scientific arguments and evidences, and ACT's programs tell them the right information.

ACT supports Creation by giving specific statements. It states, Bible is the truth that God has provided with no errors within it. Every single types of organisms (including humans) are created by God as it is shown in the Bible. Noah's flood, the tower of Babylon, and other incidents that are listed in Genesis are all part of history, and it could be proven through science. Humans could only be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

ACT is doing the best to provide the right information in this modern society where secular humanistic world view is taking over. These beliefs are making people to move away from the Bible. The humanistic world view is providing false information and making people believe all the other things that the Bible is telling are all false. The ACT states that they are doing the best to prove God's words through science, and through Creation Science. Through this, people should turn their backs on Secular Humanistic world view, and learn about the Bible. [2]


A speaker teaching the Creation Truth to the students in the course of 'Intensive Training for Creation Ministry'

ACT provides a program for people who are willing to learn the Christian Truth in depth, or to be able to teach others. The program's objective is to teach the Biblical truth to the people with evidences provided, and to teach them how to defend the materials that the people who believe in the Evolutionary theory provides. The program is divided into three, consisting ITCM-1, ITCM-2 (Internship), and ITCM-3 (Instructor). Students will be able to move on the the next level, only if they have finished the previous level. [3] The ITCM program was started in October 2011, and has been an annual event since then. [1]

ACT had also had multiple conferences in different locations. The first conference was held at Fellowship Church in 2001, lead by Insik Choi (Founder), Jaeman Lee, Dongyoung Lee, Sukwha Kim. The instructors of ACT has published multiple books in Korean: Creation Science Concert (Jaeman Lee) in 2006, Noah Flood Concert (Jaeman Lee) in 2009, The Ice age (Jaeman Lee, Woosung Choi) in 2011. Not only by the ITCM program, but there are also trips that ACT leads for people who are willing to learn Creation normally. The program does not include trips to major historical sites, such as Grand Canyon or Yellow Stone National Parks, but it travels through local destinations to show God's truths are everywhere. It also leads visits to the 'Institute for Creation Research' in San Diego, offering Korean tours throughout the institution. The 'Institute for Creation Research' is one of the leading institution in the nation for the Christian science ministry, and offers evidences that are related to Creation. The ministry also focuses on children by educating them the right material. Children these days are exposed to material that are secular from everywhere, learning anything else than the theory of Evolution is wrong. ACT is doing the job of giving them the right information, as they grow up to be a responsible and educated adult. [4]

Clergies of ACT

Title Description
Insik Choi


The Presient of Association for Creation Truth


Jaeman Lee

Jaeman lee.gif

The President of Association for Creation Truth

M.S. Geology

M.A. Education of Science


Dongyong Lee

Dong yong lee.gif

Doctor of Aerospace


Moohyun Kim

Moohyun kim.gif

Doctor of Civil Engineering


Woosung Choi

Woosung choi.gif

Doctor of Physiology


Nakkyung Kim

Nakkyung kim.gif

Doctor of Food Technology


Sunwook Kim

Sungwook kim.gif

Doctor of Biochemistry




A video posted by ACT, providing information about the origin of species.


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