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Ashby Camp

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Ashby Camp

Ashby L. Camp graduated from the University of Florida in 1974. He also studied and graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1977. Afterwards, he was shown the true and great nature of the Lord Jesus. Because of Ashby Camp's new found faith in God, he dealt with some rough times in his life. However, he remained a faithful servant to God and left his firm where he was banned from becoming a partner. He then went to join another firm, which accepted him graciously with a welcoming attitude. His wife soon also became a child of God. Camp left his position as a lawyer in the year 1987, in order to attend Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1990. He also received the Velma R. West Greek Award and the M. Div. Academic Award. Up till 2004, Camp set to work on the University Church of Christ in Tempe, Arizona. Camp currently teaches Bible classes and, on the side, does legal research for attorneys. [1]



Ashby Camp has believed in the Biblical creation ever since he received his salvation. In an effort to instruct his daughter on the duality of evolution, Camp gathered information and conclusions that both opposed and challenged the humanistic view of the beginning of the world. In 1994, he published, The Myth of Natural Origins, the product of his research. Since his book, he has currently been writing publications towards evolutionary issues, such as the overstating of man's common ancestors. Camp continues to hold an interest for intelligent design, which is the belief that the world was designed by a great designer, often referring to God. He stays well educated in the debate of the world's origin and keeps in contact with many creationists. He has a collection of web sources that he shares with other fellow scientists. [2]

Camp believes that although he has not had a formal education needed for the debate of intelligent design, he maintains the ability of a skilled lawyer to provide a different view of certain aspects like questioning the validity of the evidence of evolution. He also says that his position in the scientific community helps reduce the drawback of coming from a background with a casual education like his. That aside, Camp has been a useful advocate in the area of intelligent design. There is an archive called Talk Origins where both creationists and evolutionists alike come together to discuss with each other. Camp gives his counsel to those who wish to be a part of this archive saying that among many things one must be mindful of the facts they're presenting and to have a kind and respectful attitude towards the opposing side. [3]


Camp works in phylogenetics, which is the study of "the genealogy of an organism or a group of organisms". [4] His involvement with this comes mainly from how Darwin-inspired theories focus on the connections between two very distinct and dissimilar things. Evolution states that by through natural process and chance one organism can be changed into some other fundamentally different organism. Some scientists, though, think differently about this assessment and argue that there are histories of organisms that belie the Biblical creation. [5]

Evolutionists point out that "nested hierarchy" is proof of evolution. Nested hierarchy is when a single organism is classified into bigger groups like how species are grouped into a genus and into a family and so on. Because of this, scientists claim that we are linked back to that same common source that Darwin suggests. But Camp, in his interview, reveals through quotes by Walter ReMine that nested hierarchy can be as much evidence for creationism just as it is for evolution. The reason for this is because God could have designed that specific classification system for organisms. It is another proof that is etched into the order of science. [6]

Schools have become critical of the teaching of intelligent design because they want to refrain their students from learning any other perspective on the subject. Evolution is held in an ideal way and is safely blocked by the state. Camp makes a valid evaluation by saying, "Students are being indoctrinated rather than educated." [7] He is in favor of the Discovery Institute and the way they are trying to help the situation. Camp believes that students should be become aware of the fact that there are scientists who value the intelligent design theory and who apply it many areas in science. It is important to stay well informed and to have a general knowledge of it. The best piece of evidence that Ashby Camp has of intelligent design is every wonder and complex structure that appears in everything you find in life. He knows that only a Creator, God, could have made all of this and more. [8]