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Armageddon (Latin: Armagedōn, Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών, Harmagedōn; Hebrew: הר מגידו‎, Hạr Məġiddō) refers to the valley of Megiddo in the middle of Israel. It lies near the great trade route running through the Israeli coastal plain and was the scene of battles at which King Azariah and King Josiah of Judah were killed.

In Revelation, it is the place where the final battle of the Great Tribulation will take place[1], before the beginning of the Millennium. The Lord Jesus Christ will slay, with the double-edged sword or by His word, those who have had continued their rebelliousness to all of God's manifestations, revelations, and His righteous judgement during the previous seven years that resulted in Armageddon.

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