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Apopi II

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Apopi II - Agog II - Agag

The last ruler of the Hyksos / Amalekites of the 15-16th dynasty in Lower Egypt (the last Pharaoh of the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt).[1] He was expelled from Egypt by Kahmose of the Theban 17th dynasty and his brother Ahmose I (who founded the 18th dynasty). Apopi II (Agag) was caputured alive by King Saul of Israel who virtually decimated the Hyksos / Amalekites after they were ejected from Egypt.[2] Agag / Apopi II was brought before Samuel, the last Judge of Israel, who put him to death.[3]

The End of Hyksos Tyranny

The Hyksos Ruled over Lower Egypt from their fortress at Avaris. They maintained strong garrisons throughout the country and subjugated the regional Nomarchs. The Shepherd Kings demanded tributes from the regional governors (Nomarchs). The Princes (Nomarchs) of the various provinces of Egypt (Nomes), of which there were 42, were treated in a distainful manner as described in the Sallier Papyrus I.[4] Apopi II (Agog II / Agag) in Avaris (Lower Egypt) use to send humiliating demands to Seqenenre (2nd last pharaoh of the 17th dynasty based in Thebes (Upper Egypt)). Seqenenre was arrested and brought to Avaris. Seqenenre's son Kahmose lead a rebellion against the Hyksos who were eventually defeated with the help of King Saul from Israel. The Hyksos / Amalekites were forced to leave Egypt. Ahmose I, brother of Kahmose, son of Seqenenre, became the first pharaoh of the New Kingdom / 18th dynasty. It was Saul who captured Apopi II/Agag alive and all but annihilated the Hyksos / Amalekites after they left Egypt. Apopi II/Agag was taken to Samuel who put him to death.[4]


A schematic diagram illustrating the relationship between the Egyptian Kingdoms and dynasties and the various phases of Israel as the Israelites grew to be a nation while they were in Egypt and then as they traveled to the promised land where they were ruled initially by Judges and later by Kings. The nation of Israel became divided into North (Israel) and South (Judah) after Solomon. There was no first intermediate period.

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