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An apologist is a person who argues to defend or justify some policy, belief, or institution. Therefore, biblical apologetics involves the defense of the Bible, Christian apologetics is concerned with the defense of the Christian faith, and creation apologetics is focused on the defense of the creation. Within these focused applications of apologetics, a number of fields have emerged.

Fields of Apologists

Prophecy apologists

Bible prophecy is used as an argument for the Bible. Peter Stoner, whose authored the work Science Speaks, which argues for the accuracy and remarkableness of Bible prophecy, is often cited by Christian apologetic works in regards to Bible prophecy. [1]

Historical apologists

Many works have been created arguing that the Biblical faith is historically sound. Scholars such as today's Gary Habermas, F. F. Bruce, Michael Grant, Kenneth Kitchen, and William Lane Craig are the more widely-read scholars who argue for the historicity of the Bible. [2][3][4] In addition, Christian apologetic writer Josh McDowell has produced works which argue for the historicity of the Bible and his works enjoy a wide audience.

In the period between 1800 and the mid 1900's there were a number of Biblical apologists who argued for the historicity of the Bible such as: William Mitchell Ramsay (1851-1939), William Henry Green (1825 - 1900), James Orr (1844-1913)[5], Robert Dick Wilson (1856–1930)[6][7], and Oswald T. Allis (1856-1930).

Legal apologists

Numerous arguments have been put forth by legal scholars such as Simon Greenleaf, John Warwick Montgomery and others stating that western legal standards argue for the historicity of the resurrection of Christ. [8][9][10] In addition, legal authorities' statements regarding the historicity of the resurrection of Christ are cited. [11]

Inerrancy apologists

Scholars who have engaged in defending the doctrine of Bible inerrancy include: Robert Dick Wilson, Gleason Archer, Norman Geisler, and R. C. Sproul. There are also a number of Christian ministries which focus on the issue of Bible inerrancy in regards to specific verses. [12][13][14]. Some scholars who have defended the authorship and date of biblical books along with other defenses of the Bible include: Kenneth Kitchen, John Wenham, and the archaeologist Bryant G. Wood. John Wenham's work Redating Matthew, Mark and Luke is well regarded by those who support the Augustinian hypothesis which is a traditional view of Gospel authorship. F. F. Bruce is a scholar who defended Biblical canon.

Notable apologists



In the period between 1800 and the mid 1900's A.D. there were a number of apologist who argued for the historicity of the Bible such as:

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