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Scientific Classification
  • Apatosaurus ajax
  • Apatosaurus excelsus
  • Apatosaurus louisae

Apatosaurus was a large, herbivorous dinosaur. It walked on four legs, had a long cedar-like tail and a long neck for reaching the tops of tall trees for leaves. It was formerly referred to as Brontosaurus, but it was later discovered that the finder, Othiel Charles Marsh, had mixed the body of apatosaurus with the head of another sauropod.



Main Article: Mokele-mbembe

Mokèlé-mbèmbé is the name given to the creature rumored to be a living dinosaur similar to an apatosaurus. Sightings within central Africa have been been reported for more than two centuries by native fishermen, missionaries, and explorers. The animal is said to be herbivore about the size of a hippopotamus or elephant, and mainly aquatic, coming onto shore to search for food. It has a short (squat) body, a long neck and clawed feet. Its name, rendered in the Lingala language, means "Name means::blocker of rivers".[1]

Numerous expeditions have been conducted to search for solid evidence, many within the Congo River basin of Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Cameroon. Within the basin exists the largest swamp in the world (the Likouala Swamp) which is roughly 55,000 square miles, larger than the entire US state of Florida. According to government reports, the area is more than 80% unexplored, and has therefore been the focus of several cryptozoologists.[2]

William Gibbons, a creationist who has been on four expeditions to search for Mokele-mbembe states:

Perhaps the most exciting prospect for the world of creation science is the possibility that dinosaurs may still be living in the remote jungles of the world. Evolution and its accompanying necessity of long ages of evolutionary development would be hard pressed to accommodate a living dinosaur.[3]


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