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Antichrist - a fresco from Osogovo Monastery, Republic of Macedonia

The Bible speaks of a worldwide leader, dictator, and avowed anti-Christ that will arise to power during the most turbulent times of the world. It is an epoch of history the Bible calls, the end of times, at which point through either a conscious or sub-conscious willful injection of the spirit of the devil, will cause this person to be instrumental in solving the worlds most vexing issues. [1] He will be a skillful master of deception, forcing everyone to obey and follow him through the creation of Satanic miracles.[2]

In Revelations, he is described as having "two horns like a lamb" but "speaking like a dragon". Since Jesus is identified with the lamb, this means that the Antichrist will come in the guise of a Messiah or Savior, but with an evil nature - like a wolf in sheep's clothing. The False Prophet will direct the world to worship the first beast from the sea (Satan's agent on earth) and compel them to receive the mark of the beast.


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Many notable biblical commentators have stated the biblical interpretation of such world events means prophetic implications. The Bible speaks of a worldwide leader and avowed anti-Christ that will arise during the most turbulent times of the world. If the anti-Christ is to achieve this truly global change there has to be in place already finely tuned systems that allow for the implementation and application of answers to these issues. Globalization as potent a force as it is in today's world can be seen as the mechanism to produce the change necessary.


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