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Answers (magazine)

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Answers1 1.jpg
  • Publication type Magazine
  • ISSN 1937-9056

Answers is a magazine produced by the Answers in Genesis ministry, first published in June 2006. Answers in Genesis substituted it for Creation for its U.S. subscribers, although Creation is still available, direct from Creation Ministries International.

Answers features articles on a variety of topics that impact Christians today, including issues like the family, American history and the authority of the Bible. The magazine also includes a detachable chart, a pullout children’s magazine, excellent layman and semi-technical articles and bonus content from the website.

  • 1-year subscription (4 issues): Only USD $22.00
  • 2-year subscription (8 issues): Only USD $39.00
  • 3-year subscription (12 issues): Only USD $59.00


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