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South Atlantic Anomaly

An anomaly is a change or deviation from what is considered typical - an irregularity or unexpected result.

Examples of anomalies by field of study

  • Astronomy - the angular distance of an Earth satellite (or planet) from its perigee (or perihelion) as seen from the center of the Earth (sun).[1]
  • Genetics - Genetic anomalies such as Down syndrome.
  • Geophysics - measurable magnetic characteristic that differs significantly from the surrounding environment, such as the South Atlantic Anomaly
  • Geology - a geologic feature or structure that departs markedly from its surrounding environment with respect to composition, texture, or genesis.[2]
  • Meteorology - the deviation of a measurable unit (eg, temperature or precipitation) over a period in a given region from the long-term average, often the thirty-year mean, for that region.[3]

Anomalously Occurring Fossils

Main Article: Anomalously Occurring Fossils

In the Creation Research Society Quarterly Volume 18, (March, 1982), John Woodmorappe produced a compilation of over 200 published instances of anomalously occurring fossils.