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Andrew Rigg

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Andrew Rigg is the executive officer of Day 4 Ministries, an international church and community development organisation, partnering with Central African communities.

  • Has a degree in theology and a post graduate degree in science (astronomy), post secondary qualifications in Media Studies and undergraduate courses in the 'philosophy of science' and 'the media and culture'.
  • Spent 12 years working in television, radio and, more recently print media as a journalist, editor and producer/director.
  • Has published numerous articles on theology, church growth, and creation/evolution issues, including articles in the international publication, Creation.
  • Is an amateur astronomer.
  • Has been guest speaker internationally at the Kigali Institute for Science and Technology in Rwanda and at a number of Creation Ministries International conferences in Australia.
  • Is currently employed in full time ministry, divided between Day 4, his local church and a large national Christian community service organisation.
  • Andrew is married to Alyssa and lives on the South West coast of Western Australia.