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André Eggen

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André Eggen

André Eggen is native born to the French community. He has a Ph.D. in Animal and Molecular Genetics from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, 1992. Since graduation, he has been working for the French government in the field of scientific studies and research. He was only out of France for two years, when he traveled to the U.S. to do research there.

Only 20%-30% of the French population claims that there is a God, and states that they hold a belief in a higher power. But only 2% of those are Christian-based faiths. Luckily, Eggen was brought up in a Christian home, but at the ages of 12-13 he started to learn about the Evolutionary theory. If you bring forth another idea, or challenge that evolution may not be the correct answer to life, you will be in danger of getting in trouble. Even the churches in France are falling into trouble with juggling the Bible and the accepted evolutionary theories. Pastors are even trying to become more accommodating of evolutionary thought, in hopes that it would lure more of the community into coming to the church.

When asked about learning Evolution when he was a Christian Eggen responded: "When I was about 12–13, the conflict began. If the Bible was true, then it was clear that God created in six ordinary days, but that was completely contradicted by what I was being told at school. So I had a hard time accepting the Bible, and went further away from the Bible as I reached high school. By the age of 17, I knew that I had to make a decision, so during the summer I took several books on the topic of evolution/creation to study the subject carefully and to reach my own conclusions. Several of these books helped me to see that I could comfortably believe in biblical creation from a scientific point of view. This was a huge discovery for me, and it pushed me to become a Christian."

Answers in Genesis: Quote from André Eggen 

It was a huge stumbling block for André Eggen, to learn about evolution, while his belief was so steadfast on Christianity. In France, it was especially difficult because Evolutionary thought is taught as if it were concrete fact. Children are left with no other alternative belief because of this unforunate factor.

Currently, André Eggen is involved in research for the French government. Currently he is researching up on cattle genetics. Eggen says he is, "Trying to find out why some cows give more milk than others, why some cows have horns and others don’t, and genetic diseases." Answers in Genesis: Quote from André Eggen Because of the lack of belief in God, the scientific community in France is very reluctant to pay respect to André Eggen as he a believer in Creation. The mindset of many of scientists is that you can not be a "real" scientist and be a Creationist at the same time. Eggen found that when he worked for the 2 years here in America, that they were a good amount more respectful than the Scientists he would deal with in his home land. Eggen is involved primarily in the field of genetics. When he reflects on how people believe in the 'Big Bang' and random mutations he can not believe they would agree that such a complexity could simply fall together by chance.

Eggen comments on how God proves himself through Eggen's field of study: "Being a creationist, I found it fascinating to study what God did in six days, particularly in my field, genetics. I find it marvelous to discover how God used the genetic codes to inscript life—so brilliant, so amazing."

He continues to talk about what exactly the probability of random genetic arrangement: "If you take an entire DNA molecule, coding for all the proteins required for life, I think it’s about 1 followed by 40,000 zeros (which is really no chance) that such coded DNA can arise by chance."

Answers in Genesis: Quote from André Eggen 

André Eggen isn't only trying to impact that scientific community, but he is also starting an outreach in the Christian community.

Eggen talks about the difference he wants to make and the course of action that is required: "To go to churches and tell folk that you can take Genesis just as it is written, and explain how important it is. If we don’t take Genesis literally, then we lose completely the meaning of the Bible—why Jesus came to earth, suffered on a cross, and died in our place, because of sin. The Church in France will remain impotent unless it understands the crucial importance of the first eleven chapters of Genesis for the entire message of Christianity."

Answers in Genesis: Quote from André Eggen