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Ambulocetidae - Ambulocetus.JPG
Scientific Classification


Size comparison between Ambulocetus natans and a human

Ambulocetus is assumed by evolutionists to be proof that whales evolved from land mammals. It was discovered in Pakistan in 1994em 1994[1] by an anthropologist named Johannes Thewissen.


Kenneth Miller, the "Christian evolutionist" says in this book "Finding Darwin's God" that this animal could move easily both on land and in water showing a drawing of the animal, but without having any basis for it because the bones found did not include the pelvis.[2] The drawing in the Miller's book is misleading because one of the critical elements necessary to establish a hypothetical transition between terrestrial and aquatic mammals is the pelvic girdle, which is missing, so there is no way to study the link between the hind legs and the axial skeleton.[3]

Another issue is that the eyes of whales living today are on the side of the head and contrasting with it, Ambulocetus has eyes on top of his head, more like the crocodiles.[4] Some evolutionary scientists now suggest that Ambulocetus may not be an ancestor of the whales due the location of its eyes:

"Ambulocetus has its eyes raised up on top of its head in a very strange way, an it is unusually large for an early whale...maybe it's not on the main line [in whale evolution]." (Dr. Philip Gingerich)[note 1]
Fossil of Ambulocetus, photo at Naturalis museum, Leiden

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