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Altar of incense

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The golden Altar

The Altar of incense (Hebrew: מִזְבַּ֥ח הַקְּטֹֽרֶת, mizbēah haqeṭōret), Altar of incensing of incense (Hebrew: מִזְבֵּ֖חַ מִקְטַ֣ר קְטֹ֑רֶת, mizbēah miqṭar qeṭōret) also called the golden altar (Hebrew: מִזְבַּ֣ח הַזָּהָ֔ב, mizbaḥ hazzāhāb) (1Kings 7:48 ), was an altar made of acacia wood and overlaid with gold, used for burning incense (Exodus 30:1-10 ). It was sat in front of the curtain that separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies. It was in the shape of a square with each side measuring 1 cubit (1.5 feet or 46 cm) having a height of 2 cubits (3 feet or 91 cm), having horns of the same materials.[1]


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