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Ahitub (Ithamarite)

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Ahitub (Hebrew: אחיטוב, ʼAkhīṭūḇ; "Name means::brother of goodness") (fl. 1 Bul 2883 AM–ca. 2908 AM) was the eighth high priest of Israel. He served during the Judgeships of Samson and Samuel and was the father of two high priests who served during the reign of Saul.[1][2][3]


grandson of::Eli
brother of::Ichabod
father of::Ahimelech I
grandfather of::Abiathar
ancestor of::Ahimelech II

Ahitub was the son of Phinehas, son of Eli, and was the elder brother of Ichabod. (1_Samuel 14:3 )


Eli, Ahitub's grandfather and predecessor, died on the day of the capture of the ark. Ahitub succeeded to his position on that day.

The Bible gives no details of his career. Because his elder son and successor Ahijah was high priest in the second year of Saul's reign, Ahitub died before then. The best estimate is that he died one year before Saul became king, after a twenty-five-year career.

Preceded by
Successor of::Eli
Member of::High priest
Flourit::1 Bul 2883 AMDied::2908 AM
Succeeded by
Succeeded by::Ahijah (Ithamarite)

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