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Ahimaaz (Hebrew: אחימעץ, ʼAkhīmạʻaẓ; "Name means::brother of anger") (ca. 1061/0–fl. 1001/0981/0 BC) was a Levite, a priest and spy during the reign of King David, and the thirteenth high priest of Israel under King Solomon.[1]


son of::Zadok I
father of::Azariah I
ancestor of::Amariah
ancestor of::Jehoiada

Ahimaaz was the son and successor of Zadok I. His date of birth is an estimate based on the life and career of his descendant Jehoiada.


The Bible says little about the career of Ahimaaz, except that he served King David as an administrative priest and as a spy against David's rebellious son Absalom. (2_Samuel 17:25 ) The Chronicler documents his lineage from Eleazar. (1_Chronicles 6:4-9 ) The years of his succession to the title and his death are estimates based on the career of his son Azariah I. (1_Kings 4:2 )

Preceded by
Successor of::Zadok I
Member of::High priest
Flourit::3004 AMDied::3024 AM
Succeeded by
Succeeded by::Azariah I

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