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4th Day Alliance

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The 4th Day Alliance is a creation astronomy educational ministry based in Boise, ID. It was founded by Diego Rodriguez to serve the needs of the creation science community wherein they are involved in numerous outreach activities including live presentations to groups, Churches, and conferences.

From their website: The 4th Day Alliance is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to proclaiming the Glory of God through astronomy. We accomplish this primarily by educating the public on astronomy through star parties, lectures, seminars, and by distributing magazines, books, tracts, and astronomy articles from a Biblical creationist perspective.

4th Day Alliance
Phone: (208) 477-1825
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4th Day Alliance currently has over 3,500 members in all 50 states and over 40 countries. "Members share a love for God, their Christian Faith, the authority of the Bible, and astronomy." The main outreaches provided by the 4th Day Alliance include: star parties, lectures, and seminars. They also distribute magazines, books, tracts, and astronomy articles from a Biblical creationist perspective. [1]

Star parties are gatherings of astronomy enthusiasts and telescope owners, and are held all over the country by astronomy clubs of various cities. However, 4th Day Alliance star parties are different from typical star parties in that they provide a presentation screen to help educate the public. They also provide a powerful sound system, astronomy gadgets and toys, as well as their books in order to make it an incredible education experience. Dark-sky areas are not critical for hosting a star party; however, they are preferred locations. Other places that can be used for a star party location can include parks, driveways, parking lots, schools, etc. [2]

Other outreaches that 4th Day Alliance performs are lectures and seminars. They often have events for home school groups, home school conventions, churches, Christian camps, and Christian schools. Minimum requirements to hold these events include a certain number of people attending, the ability to set out books for purchase, reimbursement for some financial expenses such as mileage, and hotel reservations, as well as a location large enough for the amount of people.Minimum Requirements

Articles of Faith

  • We believe that the God of the Bible created the universe and all that is in it.
  • We believe that God created all things in six days as recorded in Genesis chapter one.
  • We believe that the host of heaven were created on the 4th day.
  • We believe that the celestial objects were created for signs, seasons, days, and years.
  • We believe that the branch of study commonly called astronomy, which endeavors to learn about the heavens, should be used for the glory of God.


The 4th Day Alliance no longer accepts subscriptions to their magazine, the Glory Observer Magazine. However, new editions of the magazine may be purchased directly from 4th Day Alliance for $7.95 each. Once they reactivate their web store, online purchases will be available. For now you can purchase them at a live event or home school convention. Glory Observer Magazine

4th Day Alliance also publishes tracts and brochures which can be purchased at an event or online. Tracts and Brochures

Articles published by various scientists relating to astronomy can be found online at the 4th Day Alliance Website. Articles

Presentation Topics

The 4th Day Alliance gives different presentations on astronomy. Their most popular and well-known presentation is How Big is God?. However, they have many different up-and-coming presentations soon to be available on their website. [3]

  • HOW BIG IS GOD? - "is our flagship multimedia presentation. In this presentation you will learn about God's power and might by examining the size of the Earth, our Solar System, our galaxy, and the entire universe."View Promo
  • CREATION ASTRONOMY - "takes you on a tour of the science of astronomy and shows you how astronomical discoveries support the teachings of the Bible. Learn about the Sun, the Moon, comets, Biblical references to astronomy, and more."
  • ASTRONOMY IN THE BIBLE - "The Bible has many references to astronomy within its pages. Learn about Mazzaroth, Orion, Pleiades, Wandering Stars, the Bright and Morning Star, and much more!"
  • STAR OF BETHLEHEM - "was the star of Bethlehem a true historical/astronomical event? We believe that it was. Before you make a decision, we invite you to examine the actual evidence. This presentation is filled with facts from history, science, astronomy, and the Bible."
  • CLASSICAL ASTRONOMY - "Before telescopes, spacecraft, spectroscopes, lunar modules, space stations, and space probes, there was once a thriving science of astronomy that relied completely on math and visual observance. Learn how to recover and restore this once widely-known scientific field."
  • COMETS - "What are they? Where do they come from? Does the Bible discuss comets? Learn about comets and about the Creationist theory that successfully predicted many facts about comets."


  • I thought that it was a very good presentation. It was a lot to listen and learn about, but I loved it. It was cool and the best presentation I've seen about space. It was awesome - student at North Sound Christian
  • The How Big is God presentation was a highlight of the Seattle Creation Conference and a big hit among the students at our high school. With breath-taking special effects, Diego illustrates the vast size of the cosmos to deliver a powerful example of the awesome creative power of our God. We are also provided with a poignant reminder of the sacrifice that was made by Christ to redeem us from the penalty of our sin. It was truly a spectacular and unforgettable reminder of why God created the universe - to declare His glory and righteousness! - Chris Ashcraft

More comments on the How Big Is God? presentation can be found at the 4th Day Alliance website. Reviews