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Bats (Talk.Origins)

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Response Article

This article (Bats (Talk.Origins)) is a rebuttal regarding a supposed transitional form published by the Talk.Origins Archive under the title Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ.

Response to Bats

CreationWiki response: (Talk.Origins quotes in blue)

GAP: One of the least understood groups of modern mammals -- there are no known bat fossils from the entire Paleocene. The first known fossil bat, Icaronycteris, is from the (later) Eocene, and it was already a fully flying animal very similar to modern bats. It did still have a few "primitive" features, though (unfused & unkeeled sternum, several teeth that modern bats have lost, etc.)
  • Fruit bats and horseshoe bats first appear in the Oligocene. Modern little vespertiliontids (like the little brown bat) first appear in the Miocene.

Evolutionists do not have any evidence for evolution of bats from anything else, made up or other wise. They have found NO connection at all.

Icaronycteris was a fully flying bat. All this may show is that all bats have a common ancestor. A bat.

This is precisely what one would expect if the Bible is true. God created the bat Icaronycteris with no ancestors and this produced a number of varieties of bat. Creationism predicts that no fossil intermediate between bats and another kind will ever be found.

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